Young's game is growing

Since taking over the reins from Kerry Collins in Week 4, Vince Young has led Tennessee to a 4-4 record. With Sunday's come-from-behind win over the New York Giants, we have seen a major indication of his maturation. Here are five signs that Young has matured in the last eight games.

Come-from-behind win: As he did in last season's Rose Bowl win over Southern California, Young brought his team back to win in the last seconds against New York. Contrast that with Eli Manning, who threw an interception late in the game to give Young his opportunity.

Ball security:
A quarterback must learn to avoid interceptions at all costs. In perhaps his worst game of the season, Young threw three interceptions against Jacksonville four weeks ago. He has thrown only one since, in a narrow loss to Baltimore.

Spreading the wealth: Young has learned to spread the ball around. While he has connected with WR Drew Bennett more times than with any other receiver (19 times), he has also hit TE Bo Scaife 18 times, Brandon Jones 16 times and Bobby Wade 15 times.

Ability to read coverages, use expanded package: When Young first took over, Titans coaches had to limit how much of the field he was able to scan. They asked him to just read half of the coverage, and if the receivers in that half of the field were unable to get open, he would tuck the ball away and run. He is now starting to read an expanded part of the coverage and use all his receivers.

Poise in the pocket: When you watch Young on tape, it becomes evident that he is no longer wide-eyed and nervous as he scans the field. He does not appear to get flustered. He does not panic and make stupid rookie mistakes. Young is not the veteran, poised QB Peyton Manning is, but he does appear to be on his way to being a quality NFL quarterback.

Doug Kretz scouts the AFC South for Scouts Inc.