Browns should consider McNabb

Brandon Weeden implies Cleveland has a plan, but does it really?

Originally Published: May 16, 2012
By Chris Sprow | ESPN Insider

Donovan McNabb? Really? The Browns just drafted Brandon Weeden with the No. 22 overall pick, aren't even certain that Colt McCoy isn't a viable NFL quarterback and have a young, improved roster. So you suggest a dumpster dive, the quarterbacking equivalent of a search through a pile of discarded lottery tickets in the hope that someone missed a winner?

As Dr. Peter Venkman asked, that's your plan?

Well, if Browns decision-makers could admit that a "succession plan" that involves handing the keys from one young failed starter to one untested rookie is more hope than solution, then yes. If they could admit that a little clipboard marinating would actually increase Weeden's chances to succeed, not derail them, then yes. If they consider that McNabb knows the elements of a Brad Childress offense as well or better than any quarterback alive -- and that McNabb openly endorses the guy -- then yes.

Let's consider the evidence.

Pushing Weeden isn't a 'plan'