Frame by frame

Todd McShay breaks down Bama-LSU and the game's many NFL prospects

Originally Published: October 30, 2012
By Todd McShay | ESPN The Magazine

YOUR FAMILY (or therapist) says you obsess over NFL games? Well, your "obsessing" is nothing like that of NFL bird dogs. When scouts watch film, they get all nuts over the tiniest of things: a left tackle's feet, a defensive end's burst, a QB's ability to use "jazz hands" while audibling. If the tape never lies, it does have a problem knowing when to shut up. With that in mind, we asked resident scout and NFL draft expert Todd McShay to study each frame of the Bama-LSU film. Then, after he dissected the game and its many prospects, including eight in Scouts Inc.'s top 50, we swiped his notebook. Don't worry, Todd, we won't give it to Mel.