Top 10 pass-rushers for 2016

Von Miller, Jadeveon Clowney top the list of best young pass-rushers

Originally Published: June 21, 2013
By Field Yates | ESPN Insider

In a league where quarterbacks are setting passing records seemingly every season, an increased premium has been placed on pass-rushers. The New York Giants have twice in the past six seasons won a Super Bowl with a defense catalyzed by a pressure-oriented front that was able to slow down the high-octane New England Patriots offense.

Rushers no longer do their work exclusively on the edge and from a three-point stance; there are dominant interior presences and stand-up rush linebackers who dramatically change each game that they step on the field.

Normally we reserve judgment on players until they've at least taken a single snap in the NFL, but as it relates to pass-rushers, there's a player so good that he hasn't even finished his college career but is going to crack our list of the top 10 pass-rushers for 2016. Some call him the Andrew Luck of defensive prospects, and he's a sure-fire top-two pick in next year's draft.

Here are the top 10 projected pass-rushers for 2016: