Brown: Waiting is hard

March 18, 2005: Diary No. 3
Last week we worked out for the NFL clubs on campus in Norman. There were a lot of people there to watch. Every team had at least one scout or coach or executive there. I knew I wasn't going to do too much work there since I did everything at the scouting combine, but I did the linemen drills again and I felt really good.

It's really amazing how long and drawn out the draft process is. So much goes into the NFL draft other than just playing football. You deal with preparing for the workout at the combine and the interviews and the campus workouts and maybe some NFL team visits. And then the draft itself ... it's a lot to learn and adjust to, but I feel like I have been really well prepared by my agent, Ben Dogra, for everything that I've gone through and for everything that is still to come. The season ended a long time ago, but the draft is still five weeks away!

For now, I'm in Norman, Okla. and I'm just staying in shape and relaxing a little bit. I like to play video games and I've been doing that. I just wish the draft were tomorrow instead of on April 23-24. I am ready for the draft, but more importantly I am ready to start my NFL career.

March 4, 2005: Diary No. 2
Hi everyone. Last week I was out in Indianapolis for the scouting combine. It was a hectic couple of days.

I flew from Phoenix to Indy on Wednesday and things got started quickly. We checked into the hotel, had a quick orientation, and then went right to the hospital for a physical. They did all kinds of tests on us. I was there for seven or eight hours and didn't get back to the hotel until after midnight.

On Thursday morning, I woke up at 5:30, had breakfast and then headed to the RCA Dome for meetings with the team doctors. They push and pull you in every direction trying to find out if you have anything wrong. They ask about every injury you've ever had, all the way back to high school. The doctors sent me back to the hospital for an MRI just to make sure that my past injuries have healed, which they have. No problems. I was at the hospital until around 8 a.m., and then went back to the hotel. I had meetings there with the NFL teams until 11:30 or so, then stretched a little and went to sleep.

On Friday morning, I went to a meeting with the NFL Players Association from 8 until 9, and then took a bunch of psychological tests for the teams. That lasted until around 4 p.m., and then I met with the media at 5. I went back to the hotel at 6, had dinner with my agent, and then met with teams again until 11:30. During the combine, I talked to all 32 teams at some point and I wanted to make sure they knew that I bring something special to the table. I don't want to be a good NFL lineman, I want to be great. After that, I stretched again in my hotel room and then went to bed. I knew the next morning was the workout, and I was ready to go.

I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning and went over to the dome. I did a flexibility test, took some pictures, and warmed up for the workout. I ran the 40 first, and my time was 4.9. I did pretty good on the other tests also. I got 31½ inches on the vertical jump and 9-foot-1 on the broad. On the OL drills, I felt like I did really well. That was more like real football drills, and I am definitely confident playing football.

Overall my combine experience was great. Now it's time to get ready for the workout at OU next week. Thanks for checking out my draft diary. Talk to you next week.