Sources: Top 4 teams have talked trade

With less than two months until the three-day NFL draft, teams already are looking at jockeying and dealing.

Each of the teams picking in the top four come late April -- St. Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Washington -- has discussed trading its pick and moving out of its spot, multiple NFL sources said Tuesday.

While there are an abundance of teams looking to trade back, there is the usual scarcity of teams looking to trade up, which is why deals near the top of the draft are difficult to consummate.

Few teams want to move up in drafts and pay rookies any more than they already will make. As evidenced over the years, any player other than a quarterback who is drafted No. 1 is assured of becoming the highest-paid player at his position in NFL history.

This year's draft, to be held April 22-24 in New York, is considered rich in talent and many teams, especially the ones hamstrung in their payrolls, would rather have quantity than quality.

It's also entirely possible that Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, and quite possibly Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, are going to be drafted higher than they're being forecasted to go right now, according to team sources. Teams that need quarterbacks might be even more willing to move up.

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.