RB Jackson: Rams should trade No. 1

INDIANAPOLIS -- St. Louis Rams general manager Billy Devaney says he has not decided what to do with the first pick in April's NFL draft.

But the Rams' top running back didn't hesitate when asked what the team needed with the top choice.

"If we don't feel someone is hands-down the number-one pick, I think we should trade down, try to get an extra second-rounder, an extra second- or third-round pick, 'cause we have so many things that we can use as an organization," Steven Jackson said Friday on ESPN "First Take" from Orlando, Fla.

Devaney, who said Friday at the league's annual scouting combine that the Rams were still gathering information to make the right choice, maintained the team was not interested in trading Jackson and, in fact, would like to acquire more athletes of his caliber.

"We need more players like Steven Jackson, we can't be moving
him out of the building," Devaney said.

On March 5, the Rams and other teams will be able to start
signing free agents, which is another way Devaney could fill
pressing needs, including quarterback.

"You know we may be thinking we need A, B and C and if you sign
a guy that might change what we need," Devaney said.

But Devaney is keeping an open mind.

Four players are on the Rams radar at the moment, including defensive tackles Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma and Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska.

"We have to wait on the combine to see how the guys pan out," Jackson said. "But I'm definitely a fan of Ndamukong Suh. I hear he's a great person, his family is unbelievable, and he's definitely an impact player."

The Rams also have their eyes on quarterbacks Sam Bradford of the Sooners and Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame.

"When you're 1-15, there's a lot of different directions you
can go," Devaney said. "There's pros and cons whatever way you
decide to go."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.