Updating the Big Board after the NFL combine

With the NFL combine now completed for 2016, it's time for a new batch of rankings. For a deep look at every position, I have an updated ranking of the top 10 players at all positions available here. Below you'll find the top players regardless of position. I should remind readers that there are evaluations left to be done, and a number of crucial pro days and interviews will take place over the next month-plus. More will change.

A couple of notes: I am limiting scouting report notes below, because this is addressing where guys stand post-combine.

Also, the Big Board is not a prediction of where guys will be drafted, only where I have them ranked.

An asterisk denotes a player who was a junior for the 2015 season. Two asterisks denotes a redshirt sophomore.

1. *Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss Rebels

The top left tackle in the draft did nothing to diminish his standing in Indianapolis. The question now is whether the Titans see Tunsil as a good value at No. 1 or find a way to trade out of that draft slot. They seem interested.

2. *Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State Seminoles

Ramsey tested exceptionally well at the NFL combine. This is a top 1 percent-type of kid, with extraordinary explosiveness that's particularly obvious when he's jumping. He won't be a project at cornerback but will face some growing pains, so you hear mixed feelings on his best eventual position, corner or safety.

3. *Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State Buckeyes

While Bosa faced some tough interview questions that stem from a one-game suspension that started the 2015 season, he did nothing from a testing standpoint to lower his standing as the best pass-rusher in the draft.

4. DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon Ducks

The more you watch Buckner simply control blockers at the line of scrimmage, the less you worry about fit at the next level and realize he's going to be good anywhere he lines up.

5. *Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA Bruins

Arguably the most versatile player in the entire draft, Jack has the size and tackling skills (and instincts) of a top linebacker, but the coverage skills of a safety. And yes, he can run the ball if you need him to. He's also a fun podcast guest.