Andre Carter

"Everything he did that night was dead-on -- it was perfect."

In all the years Andre Carter has played football, only one other performance measures up to the "butt-whipping" Vick laid on the Redskins during a soggy "Monday Night Football" game in November 2010.

And that performance belonged to …

Ryan Leaf?

"When I was a freshman at Cal, he just killed us," said Carter, an 11-year NFL vet who signed with New England after being released by Washington in the offseason.

Let the record show that Leaf, an NFL bust, threw for 332 yards and five touchdowns against the Golden Bears in that 1997 game at Washington State.

But Carter is quick to acknowledge that Vick's six-touchdown performance against the Redskins -- four TD passes and two TD runs -- was a "nightmare," something that nearly a year later he still has a hard time describing to friends, family and reporters.

"That game was like me playing 'Madden' football for the first time and playing against someone who's been playing it for hours," Carter said, laughing. "He has his team all lined up, roster spots set, playbook organized and I got the standard setting on. … And I can't press the restart button!"

Washington had defeated the Eagles 17-12 in Philadelphia on Oct. 3, knocking Vick out of the game with a rib injury in the first quarter. So what's to worry about in Game 2 at home? As it turned out, everything.

Vick threw for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage, a beautiful rainbow to a streaking DeSean Jackson, who easily got behind the Redskins' secondary.

And the 59-28 rout was on.

"We thought we could take him out again," Carter said of Vick. "Not this time. He was smarter, their game plan was on point … Andy Reid had a great game plan.

"Everything [Vick] did that night was dead-on -- it was perfect."

-- John Banks,

Vick, shown scoring a second-quarter TD,

said it was a "perfect game," the best of his career.

Photo: AP Photo/Nick Wass