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Reid: Why Gruden's fate is linked to RG III

Jay Gruden wasn't afraid to criticize Robert Griffin III last year, but the Washington coach's job security is strongly tied to the progress of the flawed QB, Jason Reid writes.

How does Cutler look this spring? (1:07)


McCaskey: Ray McDonald signing my call

Bears chairman George McCaskey explains he was the one who signed off on bringing in McDonald. He trusts the safeguards Chicago has in place to handle players with questionable character will hold up in the future.


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One thing I didn't mention but should have: Cullen Jenkins played A LOT of DE today in Giants OTAs. Something to watch.

Chargers begin San Diego stadium talks

Team executives will sit down with city and county officials on Tuesday to begin negotiations for a new stadium. The Chargers are threatening to leave San Diego for the Los Angeles area if they don't get a new stadium deal.

DeSean Jackson's priorities

Mark Brunell says DeSean Jackson's decision to miss OTAs in order to attend a Cavaliers playoff game is a missed opportunity to help improve team chemistry because "every practice matters."


Texans set to star on HBO's 'Hard Knocks'

"The 'Hard Knocks' documentaries do a tremendous job of displaying how an NFL team prepares for the upcoming season. We look forward to showcasing the Houston Texans to a worldwide audience," Texans owner Bob McNair said in a statement. 'Hard Knocks' in H-Town


DeSean Jackson missing OTA's

Jason Reid writes, "Unfortunately, no one in the organization commands enough respect to persuade Jackson to show up for OTAs or call him out for blowing off the opening week. And make no mistake, that responsibility falls on second-year head coach Jay Gruden." Not a good look

May 27, 1968: George Halas retires

On this date 47 years ago, Halas retired as the Bears coach for the fourth time -- this time for good. His 324 wins stood as the NFL record for 27 years until Don Shula passed it.

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Hope for Cutler in new offense

Bears reporter Jeff Dickerson says QB Jay Cutler appears to be adapting to the offense of Chicago's new offensive coordinator Adam Gase. "So far, so good."


Darren McFadden active at Cowboys OTA's

He will be a part of a running-back-by-committee to replace DeMarco Murray who had a franchise-record 392 carries. Will the Cowboys stop looking for replacements? ESPN's Todd Archer: "Not likely. [Joseph] Randle, McFadden, [Lance] Dunbar and [Ryan] Williams have not given the Cowboys a reason to stop looking."


How the Vikes are handling AD's absence

Ben Goessling reports from Minnesota where Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said Adrian Peterson will not be a distraction for the team.


RG III, Redskins anticipate culture change

The easiest way to improve the Redskins' culture? Win. Says Bill Polian: "There's nothing that improves culture more than winning."


Mike Zimmer: AD's with us, or no one

Adrian Peterson hasn't reported to Vikings' OTAs yet, but the Minnesota coach had a simple choice for him: Us, or no one. Said Zimmer: "He's not going to play for anybody else. ... He's missed a lot of OTAs over the course of his career. I'm not worried about it."

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Matt Forte to report on time

The Bears RB won't hold out of training camp despite the lack of a contract extension: "They said we're not talking about that type of stuff right now, so all I can do is play football. I've come to the realization that every run or catch that I may have might be my last in a Bears uniform, so if they don't want to re-sign me I'll have to play somewhere else then."

Clayton: An AP trade won't happen

Adrian Peterson might not want to be in Minnesota, but the Vikings simply can't extract enough value for a deal to make sense -- even to Dallas. Why he'll stay put

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Titans hoping to bounce back

Tennessee posted its worst record and had its worst points differential since 1997 (when they moved to Nashville) last season and also ended the year on a 10-game losing streak, the longest since leaving Houston.

Avert your eyes, Bears fans

Chicago was one of only 2 teams in the NFL to rank in the bottom half of the league in Total QBR, QBR allowed, yards per rush and yards per rush allowed last season.