Teenager underwent hand surgery

DAVIE, Fla. -- A 15-year-old boy was attacked by a dog owned
by Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor and underwent hand surgery

Jonathon Raof was brought back to Jackson Memorial Hospital in
Miami for emergency surgery to repair nerve damage, said the boy's
mother, Denise Raof.

The teen originally was released from Memorial Regional Hospital
West in Pembroke Pines on Wednesday, three days after the attack
during which he sustained injuries to both arms and his right leg.

"They found more damage that they didn't know about at first,"
Denise Raof said Friday. "I really can't talk about it too much
more right now. We're very nervous."

The attack happened Sunday outside the Raof home, which is about
a mile from Taylor's home. Taylor was in Jacksonville at the time
of the attack, which occurred during the Dolphins game against the

"I'm very sorry about what occurred, and I've been in constant
contact with him and his family to try to help in any way
possible," Taylor said in a statement released Thursday by the
Dolphins. The team said Friday that Taylor considers the matter
private and does not plan to discuss it further.

Broward County Animal Care officials said Thursday the dog would
be euthanized. Taylor was fined $213, Animal Care and Regulations
Division spokesman Allan Siegel said.

Denise Raof told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that Taylor's
male Akita, named Bull, was running loose near her family's home.
She tied up the dog, and her son fed it and took it for a walk,
according to a police report. Later, the dog attacked the boy.