QB leaves in first half after struggling

DETROIT -- Quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo was sidelined with
a knee injury in the first half against the Detroit Lions on
Sunday, and Rick Mirer replaced him.

Tuiasosopo made his first NFL start in place of 2002 league MVP
Rich Gannon, who injured his shoulder on Oct. 20 against Kansas
City. Mirer made his first appearance since playing one game for
San Francisco three years ago.

Gannon traveled with the team to Detroit, but was put on the
inactive list before the game.

Tuiasosopo was 6-of-11 for 65 yards, with an interception on his
second pass.

On Oakland's third drive, he bobbled a snap, then ran up the
middle and fumbled when Boss Bailey hit him. Raiders center Barret
Robbins recovered the fumble. Trainers then worked on Tuiasosopo's
left knee, but he stayed in the game for two more possessions. The
second one ended with a sack.

He walked out of the training room awkwardly with a brace
covering much of his left leg.

"We did an X-ray and it's at least a sprained ligament," Tuiasosopo said. "We won't know for sure what it is until (Monday)."

Before Tuiasosopo nearly rallied the Raiders to a win against
Kansas City, he had thrown just six passes this season, none last
year and four as a rookie in 2001.