'We're moving forward'

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Oakland Raiders coach Bill Callahan met
with cornerback Charles Woodson on Wednesday after being criticized
by the four-time Pro Bowler.

"I had a conversation with Charles today," Callahan said after practice. "It was very positive. We're moving forward."

Twice in five days Woodson complained about the second-year
coach. Woodson said Callahan was stubborn and had lost control of
his team, and that the Raiders were falling apart.

Woodson went off after Oakland's 23-13 loss at Detroit on
Sunday. The defeat dropped the Raiders to 2-6.

On Monday, Callahan called the comments "inappropriate and
inaccurate" and said he would deal with the situation when he was
ready. Callahan initiated the meeting.

Woodson, meanwhile, could be seen moving four large boxes on a dolly into the players' parking lot Wednesday afternoon while his
teammates were finishing up with special teams work.

Was the hard labor some form of punishment?

"They're kicking me out," Woodson said with a grin.