Smith now has 198 sacks

MIAMI -- The Washington Redskins' Bruce Smith tied the NFL
career sacks record Sunday night, increasing his total to 198 when
he and Renaldo Wynn dropped Miami Dolphins quarterback Brian Griese
for a 9-yard loss in the first quarter.

Smith was credited with a half-sack, tying him with Reggie
White, who played for Philadelphia and Green Bay.

The Redskins blew a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter and lost

"What would have been nice was winning the game," Smith said.
"Good things come from winning. Had we won the game, I'd be in a
much better mood."

After Smith and Wynn sandwiched Griese, Smith tossed the game
ball to the Washington sideline for a souvenir. Griese became the
72nd quarterback Smith has sacked.

At age 40, Smith is listed with the second team on the depth
chart. He wanted to play more against Dolphins rookie tackle Wade

"I'm not going to say I, I, I or me, me, me," Smith said.
"But I will say that I need to be out there more. Any time you
have a rookie out there, a guy with my experience can make
something happen."

The sack gave him three this season, his 19th in the NFL. An
11-time Pro Bowl selection, Smith played for 15 years with the
Buffalo Bills before joining the Redskins in 2000.