Team says claim is 'ridiculous'

ASHBURN, Va. -- LaVar Arrington for the first time Wednesday
addressed a dispute in which he claims he was cheated out of $6.5
million by the Washington Redskins.

The three-time Pro Bowl linebacker signed a nine-year, $68
million contract in December, but Arrington claims he actually
agreed to a $74.5 million deal.

"It was a mishap," Arrington said. "We need to fix it."

The Redskins have denied any wrongdoing. Contract negotiator
Eric Schaffer told The Washington Times recently that the
allegation was "ridiculous" and that Arrington's agent, Carl
Poston, initialed every page of the contract before it was filed
with the league.

If the NFL Players' Association decides Arrington's claim has
merit, the case could go to arbitration.

"Stay tuned," Arrington said. "The scene gets thicker."