Law won't face charges for running from cops

MIAMI -- Prosecutors dropped a final charge Monday against New England Patriots cornerback Ty Law, who was arrested in April after he allegedly led police on a brief foot chase.

Joel Hirschhorn, Law's attorney, said he previously discussed
the case with prosecutors, who dropped the charge of disobeying a
lawful command by a police officer and the traffic ticket before
Monday's hearing.

Prosecutor Jonny Mosely dismissed the remaining charge of
resisting an officer without violence at the hearing. Miami-Dade
County Judge Jeffrey Schwarz also agreed to return Law's $150 bond.
Mosely had no comment on why the charges were dropped.

"This is a classic case of DWB: driving while black," said
Hirschhorn, who wasn't in court. "There was no basis for the

Law, who wasn't in court Monday, was represented by Brian Bieber
at the hearing.

Law was charged with resisting without violence after Miami
Beach police said the 30-year-old Pro Bowl player sped off in his
Rolls-Royce after being pulled over for a lane violation.

Police said they chased Law for about a half a block until he
stopped again, and told Law to put his hands behind his back, but
he pulled away and ran off.

Police caught up with him after a short chase.

In December 2000, Law ran into trouble when U.S. Customs
officials found several Ecstasy pills in his bag after he was
leaving Canada with two other players.

Law said the drug belonged to his cousin, but paid a $700
administrative fine at the scene and was released.