New indictment adds attempted possession

ATLANTA -- Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis did not
appear at his arraignment Friday, but his lawyers entered a not
guilty plea on charges in an expanded drug conspiracy indictment.

Lawyers for Lewis and co-defendant Angelo Jackson showed up 40
minutes before the morning hearing was to begin and asked the court
to start early, said Andy Burns, courtroom deputy to U.S.
Magistrate Judge Gerrilyn G. Brill. Jackson appeared and pleaded
not guilty.

Lewis, already facing federal drug conspiracy charges issued in
February, was hit Aug. 17 with a charge of attempting to
possess cocaine.

The charge was included in a superseding indictment, a common
move in complicated cases where the government refines its original
accusations. Jackson already was facing the attempted cocaine
possession charge.

Lewis, 24, is accused of trying to broker a cocaine deal in summer 2000 for Jackson, 26. The two men grew up in the same
area of Atlanta. Their trial is set for Nov. 1.