Week 1 ends in success

Sorry everyone for missing last week. I got caught up in the hoopla of opening week was real focused on making sure I had a good game against the Bengals.

Last week preparing for the Bengals reminded me of my college days at the University of Miami. You could see the bounce in everyone's step including the coaches. Of course I was excited being that it was my first NFL game, but I wasn't going to allow myself to get caught up in the emotions of it. After all its still football.

I sat down with my defensive coordinator to set up a schedule on watching film and preparing for the games so that I can have a routine throughout the season. It's a little different from college since there's no school, but I wanted to make sure that I'm not wasting my free time.

Some of the veterans told me that the speed was going to pick up a notch and I could already see it in practice. Guys had fresh legs, we only have one practice, and coach made sure he gave us time to get some rest and relaxation. I'm fortunate to be going against a good offensive line every day in practice, so when it came to the game, I wasn't surprised by anything.

I thought I played well in my NFL debut -- a 31-24 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. I ran around and tried to make whatever plays came my way. Obviously I made some mistakes, but they're nothing that can't be fixed. We have some great fans in New York. They were just as excited as we were and were pumped the whole game. I hope it stays like that every game because it's a great atmosphere to play in. Good thing they're on my side.

After the game, I reflected a little about the first game, but then I got tired and went to sleep. This week we're getting ready for the Chargers (on the road in San Diego) and it would be great heading into our bye week 2-0. We'll see what happens, but I know that we'll be ready to play.