Ogden: I'm just glad it's done

BALTIMORE -- All-Pro left tackle Jonathan Ogden signed a new
seven-year contract Thursday with the Baltimore Ravens.

The deal should allow the seven-time Pro Bowler to finish his
career with the Ravens.

"I'm just glad it's done," Ogden said after signing the deal
late Thursday afternoon, according to the Ravens' Web site. "I
don't have to think about it anymore, not that I was overly
concerned about it before, but now, it's off my mind."

Ogden is the second Ravens stalwart to sign a long-term deal
this season. Cornerback Chris McAlister signed a seven-year
contract earlier this month, and the team now has all eight of its
2003 Pro Bowlers signed through 2005.

"I think there's been a commitment within the organization over
the last two years to retain our players," said Ravens general
manager Ozzie Newsome. "Getting J.O. is just another sign of us
trying to do that."

Ogden is sidelined with a pulled left hamstring.

He entered the league as the No. 4 overall draft pick in 1996
and the Ravens' inaugural draft pick. After a year at guard, he
moved to tackle.