LB getting excited about playoffs

I'm back after a week long hiatus. It makes it a lot easier to write when you win, but it also makes it easier when you actually have a computer to write on. For the fans that didn't see hear or see my comments after the Steelers gme, I was extremely frustrated. I can't stand when people tell me "well, you guys played hard" or "man, you guys were real close, you almost had them." Hello people, almost isn't good enough! The bottom line is winning and getting the job done, so for everyone that is satisfied because we put up a good match against Pittsburgh in Week 14, that doesn't fly with me or the rest of the team. Be mad because we didn't execute at crunch time.

Okay are you done being upset? Good because we just beat the NCF West division-leading Seattle Seahawks. We're 10-4 and as Chris Berman said, we have "a stranglehold on one of the AFC wild-card spots." How sweet is that, my first year, and I have a chance to play in the Super Bowl. I know I know, we still have two games left and then we'll have to go on the road three times in order to get to the Super Bowl, but a chance to play for it all, trust me I'll do whatever it takes. The challenge makes victory that much sweeter.

They told me the NFL was like playing Florida State each week and I can see why. I have a whole two days to pat myself on the back for the big win and then we have to turn right back around and get ready for one of the best teams in the NFL -- the Patriots. We played them already and lost by six points in Foxboro, but as I said already, we're not playing them to keep it close. This is a big challenge to see if we can put together back-to-back wins against formidable opponents, both of them playoff bound.

It's funny that they say the season is long. I agree, but now it's really getting exciting. I remember watching all the games in December when my college season was done, and you could see the teams that wanted it. There are only so many X's and O's you can draw up, it's a matter of who wants it more in December.

We'll see this week what happens.