Portis says he'll probably return for second game

Clinton Portis Portis

ASHBURN, Va. -- Redskins running back Clinton Portis is
targeting Washington's second game for his return from a shoulder

He essentially ruled himself out for the Monday night opener
against the Minnesota Vikings. He wore a helmet and his No. 26
jersey during the entire practice Friday for the first time since
partially dislocating his left shoulder four weeks ago, but said he
was focusing on the upcoming games against Dallas and Houston.

"The way things look, bro, you'll probably be seeing 2-6
against Dallas," Portis said. "But who knows? If not, I should be
ready for Houston. They want me to be 100 percent."

In a bit of a surprise, Portis said he was initially told he
wouldn't return until the third or fourth game of the regular
season, making the injury considerably more serious than originally
portrayed by the Redskins.

"I'm actually ahead of schedule," he said.

Portis said he has had no full contact on his shoulder, which he
hurt making a tackle in the preseason opener against Cincinnati.

"I tried to show coach that I still had it, but I don't think
he fell for it," said Portis, who rushed for a franchise-record
1,516 yards last season. "I tried to hit the bag, but it was wet,
so it didn't make me look too good."

Portis, who rushed for a franchise-record 1,516 yards last
season, has started 31 of 32 games since joining the Redskins in
2004. Ladell Betts, who started the game Portis missed, is expected
to start Monday.