Citing USC success, Green comfortable with Leinart

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona coach Dennis Green calls the
Cardinals' most recent offensive performance "ludicrous."

According to the dictionary, that means "so absurd, ridiculous
or exaggerated as to cause or merit laughter."

Green wasn't chuckling on Monday as he talked about replacing
mistake-prone Kurt Warner with rookie Matt Leinart, a decision he
announced after Sunday's 32-10 loss to the Falcons in Atlanta.

"He's a guy that had an incredible career in college," Green
said. "I think he's worked hard to try to learn and understand the
pro game, and I think he's ready to play."

The 2004 Heisman Trophy winner, 39-2 with two national
championships at Southern California, was supposed to learn from
the sidelines this season. But Warner's 10 fumbles and four
interceptions led the coach to go with his touted rookie, who
surprisingly slipped to Arizona's No. 10 pick in this year's draft.

"He played well in the preseason. He was very solid. He was
quick on the release," Green said. "He had a lot of poise. He
plays with a lot of confidence. I think he's probably the most
advanced as a first-year player of any guys we've been around."

Leinart inherits an offense that ranks 24th in the NFL, 30th in
rushing, behind a porous offensive line.

Arizona (1-3) managed 187 yards against Atlanta.

"This is absolutely ludicrous," said Green, who considers
offense his specialty from his decade with the Minnesota Vikings.
"We started the season feeling that we'd be one of the best
offenses in the National Football League. Anybody who's been around
me can understand my frustrations. I wasn't pleased with the way we
played San Francisco [a 34-27 victory in the season opener], let
alone what's happened since then."

The Kansas City Chiefs will present a particularly tough
challenge to Leinart's ability to read NFL defenses.

"They use a lot of different fronts," Green said. "They've
got an outstanding defensive staff and they like to give you a lot
of confusion, so he's got to make sure he doesn't always bite on
what he thinks he sees.

"And we'll do the best we can to try to create an atmosphere
where he can go out and let some other guys make some plays, too.
It's not all on his shoulders."

Leinart's mobility will be an asset behind an offensive line
that long has been regarded the team's biggest weakness, a label it
did nothing to contradict on Sunday, when the Falcons punished
Warner and Leinart, who came on in relief with the game's outcome
long decided.

"We're not playing well enough up front," Green said. "When
that happens, it can compound a lot of other issues."

Leinart becomes the second big-name rookie quarterback to start
this season. Vince Young started for Tennessee against Dallas
Sunday and was 14-for-29 for 155 yards and one touchdown. He was
intercepted twice, with one of them returned for a score.

While Leinart waited in the wings with apparent patience, there
is no doubt he was eager to get on the field.

"I'm not an arrogant or cocky person, but I have a lot of
confidence," Leinart said. "I feel I can play."