Weary to consider options following arrest

HOUSTON -- Houston Texans offensive lineman Fred Weary says he will wait until after the football season is over to decide whether to pursue a lawsuit over his arrest last month by Houston police.

Police shot Weary with a Taser and arrested him during a traffic stop. The officers said Weary was stopped because he did not have a front license plate and was driving "suspiciously." A misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest was later dismissed because of insufficient evidence.

"For right now I just want to play football, get this season out of the way," Weary told Houston television station KRIV. "That's on my mind right now. Whatever else after that, I will look into it, possibly get some legal advice about the situation and see where I go from there.

"I think it's [a matter of what was] in the minds of those two officers at the time, whatever their motives were. Whatever their motivation was about pulling me over that day, I don't know. I think that's where I have to look into legal advice about finding out why they made the decision that they did," he said.

Weary's attorney, Charley Davidson, told KRIV that the district attorney's office told him it is no longer pursuing the matter.