Glad to have him back

With Brett Favre announcing his return, it's time to go to our experts to get answers on Favre and the Green Bay Packers in a special edition of Burning Questions.

Should Favre have retired?

Sean Salisbury: No, he's still one of the best quarterbacks in the business and I'm extremely glad he made the decision to return. He would've regretted going out with so much still left in the tank and that wouldn't have been fair to himself or his legions of fans.

Eric Allen: No, it's extremely hard for a great athlete to walk away while he's still able to make plays and Favre can still make plays. Kudos to him on returning and I hope he has a great final season.

Ron Jaworski: No, he still has the ability to contribute as a very good starter. I love his energy and enthusiasm and approach to the game and it's going to be great seeing him out there again next season. The Packers have to get a succession system in place though because they can't count on having him for the long haul.

2. Are the Packers a contender next season?

Sean Salisbury: Yes, the Packers have the ability to contend and possibility win the division next season. This year they had a very young team and a rookie head coach and still finished respectably. Next season the Bears could be without defensive coordinator Ron Rivera and Lance Briggs if they move on to other teams. That alone could crack the division wide open.

Eric Allen: I'm sure seeing the Bears in the Super Bowl and feeling his Packers aren't that far off was an impetus to [Favre] making the decision to return and I have to agree they can contend for the playoffs next season. This was a very young team that was finding itself last season and they are going to continue to get better. The talent is there and the opportunity to be a very good team is also there.

Ron Jaworski: No, they aren't. But if you're the quarterback you have to think that way. They have to get back to a more balanced attack and defensively they have to get more experienced. They have good, young players on defense, but they are very young and they absolutely must get better in the secondary. Because last season they were terrible.

3. How difficult is it for a player to leave the game?

Sean Salisbury: I wasn't a great player, but I can speak for other players in that it's very difficult to hang it up and normally you see great players hang on for too long and decimate a little bit of their legend. Luckily, I don't think we'll see that from Favre. I believe he still is one of the top quarterbacks in the league and while he might not be as good as he was in his prime, he's still a great player. I'm sure that played a tremendous factor in his decision.

Eric Allen: It's extremely difficult to walk away from the game. Because you're not just walking away from a job, but from something you've wanted to do your entire life. Most football players have been playing some form of football since they were 5 or 6 years old and have put in unbelievable amounts of time and effort into making it into the NFL and then staying there. It's hard to just walk way no matter what.

Ron Jaworski: My approach is very simple: Play the game until they drag you off the field. Leave no regrets on the field.