Source says prosecutors may ask for longer sentence for Vick

RICHMOND, Va. -- A source familiar with the defense in the Michael Vick dog fighting case told ESPN's Kelly Naqi that the government believes Vick has not been forthright in his debriefs with them, and they may push to have Vick sentenced on the upward end of the sentencing guidelines.

On Monday, federal prosecutors in the case filed a motion under seal on Monday. Judge Henry Hudson issued an order that has been placed under seal as well. It is not known what is contained in either sealed document.

Vick faces up to five years in prison when he is sentenced Dec. 10 for his role in a dog fighting conspiracy headquartered on his 15-acre property from 2001 until last summer.

Last week, Quanis Phillips was sentenced to 21 months and Purnell Peace received 18 months in the same case -- a little longer than prosecutors recommended, but less than the five-year maximum Hudson could have imposed.