Vick sentencing: What they're saying

Reaction to suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick receiving a 23-month federal prison sentence for running a dogfighting ring and lying about it:

"I'm willing to deal with the consequences and accept
responsibility for my actions."
-- Michael Vick

"You need to apologize to the millions of young people who
looked up to you."
-- U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson.

"That's a determination we'll make later on. As I said earlier
when we suspended him indefinitely, we would evaluate that when the
legal process was closed."
-- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, when
asked if Vick should play again.

"We sincerely hope that Michael will use this time to continue
to focus his efforts on making positive changes in his life, and we
wish him well in that regard."
-- Falcons owner Arthur Blank

"We knew this was a statement case so I figured it'd be a statement verdict."
-- Falcons tight end Alge Crumpler

"I'm so hurt. I'm sick, for real. It's harsh. This is kind of like when Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali did things that kept us from seeing them in their athletic primes. Here's another guy, in his prime, going to prison. It's a sad day in sports.
-- Former Falcons fullback Fred McCrary, to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Michael will take advantage of this as a learning experience.
He now knows when he returns back to us that he cannot in any way
do anything that would injure an animal."
-- Michael Vick's lawyer,
Billy Martin

"People that are involved in this blood sport are on notice.
You can throw your life away by being involved in this."
-- John
of the Humane Society of the United States

"This is a significant moment in the history of animal cruelty
prosecution, and sends a clear message to criminals everywhere --
that this kind of gross and barbaric cruelty to animals will not be
-- Ed Sayres, president & CEO of the ASPCA

"I'm just hoping that Michael can take that penalty and move
forward and come back, recapture his career and his direction. And
it can send a message to young people again, that I've made
mistakes and will pay my penalty."
-- Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy

"You have to be on top or your game, so to speak, as it relates
to dealing with other people, dealing with your family and dealing
with any circumstances. You know that you represent yourself, your
family and the NFL."
-- Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel

"Now, it's time for him to continue working to get his life
back in order. I've got every hope and belief that's what is going
to take place, and that we will have a successful end to this
-- Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer

"I don't support the situation with the animals, but I support
him. I believe his apology is sincere."
-- Ryan Eanes, waiting
outside the courtroom

"We can't really take anything for granted. That's why we have to be careful of what we do as
-- Arizona Cardinals cornerback and former Vick teammate at Virginia Tech Eric Green

"Sometimes you get a bad rap. I know he does a
lot of good for the community. It's just a shame that one mistake
can kind of tarnish your reputation and your career. But it's just
the world we live in as athletes."
-- Cardinals linebacker Calvin Pace