With Spagnuolo out, Redskins continue coaching search

WASHINGTON -- With the rising star from the Super Bowl out
of the running, the Washington Redskins spent Thursday planning
their next move.

Will their new coach be Jim Fassel? Ron Meeks? Steve Mariucci?

Or how about another mystery candidate? After all, owner Dan
Snyder has kept the process under wraps since Joe Gibbs
resigned Jan. 8. At least two contenders, Fassel and Pete Carroll,
weren't known to be on Snyder's list until more than a week after
their initial interviews.

And, of course, it was a mystery candidate who got the job four
years ago, when Gibbs emerged out of nowhere after Snyder's had
higher-profile talks with other prospects.

One certainty is that the next Redskins coach will not be New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who withdrew his
name from consideration Thursday, citing his desire to remain with
the Super Bowl champions.

"His heart is in New York City," Spagnuolo's agent, Bob
LaMonte, told The Associated Press. "He loves the ownership. He
loves the players. He feels he has to stay there."

The Giants promptly rewarded Spagnuolo with a three-year, $6
million contract, making the defensive coordinator one of the
highest-paid assistants in the league.

Meanwhile, Snyder spent the day conferring with advisers to
consider his options following a month's worth of interviews, a
person familiar with the selection process told the AP. A decision
could be imminent, or the owner might instead arrange follow-up
interviews with one or more candidates, the person said. The owner
has said he hopes to have a coach in place by the end of the week.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the club has
preferred to keep details of its search private.

Spagnuolo became a hot coaching commodity during the Giants'
championship run, culminating when his defense stifled the New
England Patriots in a 17-14 victory in Sunday's Super Bowl. The
48-year-old coordinator left the Washington area Wednesday night
after two days of interviews lasting some 16 hours at Snyder's
house, then called Snyder on Thursday morning to withdraw.

"I was happy to have the opportunity to explore that
situation," Spagnuolo said in a statement released by the Giants.
"But I am equally happy to be staying in New York and look forward
to continued success with the Giants."

Spagnuolo has been a coordinator for only one season, and the
Giants want to keep him. Also, he wouldn't have had his choice of
top assistants with the Redskins because the team already has
assembled nearly an entire coaching staff.

Fassel, a former Giants coach, and Meeks, the Indianapolis Colts
defensive coordinator, voiced approval of Snyder's decision to hire
Jim Zorn to run the offense and promote Greg Blache to take charge
of the defense. Snyder has met several times with Fassel and Meeks.

Mariucci, a former coach of the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions, had one interview last week in Arizona, putting him behind
Fassel and Meeks on the list of favorites.