Wilson's former girlfriend calls bar incident overblown

PITTSBURGH -- The estranged girlfriend of former
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Cedrick Wilson denies that he punched her at
a suburban restaurant this week.

Lindsey Paulat says Wilson got upset but only shoved her in the
side of the head when he saw her drinking Wednesday evening at
Patron Mexican Grill in Pine Township.

"He never punched. He pushed me in the side of the head," Paulat told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Friday. "It was misconstrued apparently by the people around us."

In a criminal complaint,
Northern Regional police say Wilson
pushed Paulat on the shoulder and, when she turned around, punched
her in the face. Wilson is charged with simple assault, harassment
and disorderly conduct. The 29-year-old man remains free on $10,000

"Cedrick walked into Patron's and saw me sitting in the bar area," Paulat said. "He got upset when he saw me drinking. Basically he pushed me in the side of the head and said I was being stupid and then immediately left the restaurant."

"Cedrick has been very supportive as we are working through issues," she added. "I think he was just basically very disappointed in me and he only wants the best for me and my daughter."

Wilson apologized and said he would attend anger management
classes. The Steelers released Wilson a few hours after Thursday's

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.