What every former QB needs: Favre to get his old Packers locker

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Brett Favre will be able to change at his
old locker every day.

The Green Bay Packers are giving it to him.

A day after the future of the recently retired quarterback's
locker was debated by several national media outlets, the team said
it will remove the stall following the mandatory minicamp in June
and give it to Favre.

"Obviously, I didn't realize it was going to get this kind of
attention," Packers general manager Ted Thompson told the
Wisconsin State Journal on Thursday. "We talked to Brett and [his
wife] Deanna several weeks ago, and we thought that anybody who
played 16 years here as well as he did might want his own locker. I
think it makes it a little easier, quite frankly, for the next guy
to go into there."

A new cherry wood replacement will be installed at the entrance
of the locker room in time for training camp at the end of July.

Thompson said the team never planned on encasing the locker in
glass and keeping it in the locker room. He said he came up with
the gift idea while talking with coach Mike McCarthy shortly after
Favre's decision to retire in early March.

"I was just sitting here with Mike and said, 'You know what we
ought to do ...' I mean, you can't really put anybody in his
locker," Thompson said.