Mortensen's Week 3 NFL headlines

Payday coming for Rodgers?

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is making a base salary of $680,000 with a chance to make another $3 million if he takes at least 80 percent of the snaps, but the Packers plan to follow the financial model that the Cowboys used with Tony Romo.

Dallas waited until Romo played seven games and during their Oct. 28 bye week, they signed him to a $67.5 million deal. The Packers have sent a similar signal to Rodgers.

They have their bye week on the same weekend -- Oct. 26 -- the goal being to do a contract extension with Rodgers around that time if all goes well and he stays healthy.

NFL tells Hochuli enough is enough

Ed Hochuli has graded out well during his 19 years as an NFL official, but his ego has been the topic of criticism inside league circles.

Hochuli put his ego aside last Sunday when he admitted he made a huge error in judgment and his mistake got him downgraded, almost certainly eliminating his chance to work his third Super Bowl.

Hochuli was perceived as handling things well until he started answering e-mails and ultimately apologizing to Chargers fans. For the league, enough was enough and a source close to Hochuli says he was told to stop discussing the matter.

Chris Mortensen is a Senior NFL Analyst for ESPN.