Former Broncos owner denied bid to buy back team

DENVER -- Former Denver Broncos owner Edgar Kaiser Jr. lost
his latest bid to force current owner Pat Bowlen to sell him part
of the team.

The Colorado Court of Appeals Thursday refused to revive
Kaiser's state case that was tossed out last year.

Kaiser, who sold his 60.8 percent share of the team to Bowlen in
1984, lost his case in federal court in 2006 involving an offer to
sell part of the team to Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.

Kaiser argued the 1984 contract included a "buyback" provision
if Bowlen tried to sell the team or a partnership holding majority
interest in the team to anybody else. The case in state court
involved Bowlen's acquisition of an additional interest of the team
through a stock deal involving siblings.

The state appellate court agreed the same legal issues in
federal court also apply to the state case.