Jets QB doesn't 'hold vendetta,' Favre's wife says in family blog

Brett Favre's wife has defended the New York Jets quarterback in their family blog in the wake of reports that he discussed Packers game planning with the Lions, writing "this latest round of media scrutiny has been harder, more disheartening and seemingly unending."

"Brett does not, in any way, hold a vendetta against his former team," Deanna Favre wrote in a Friday posting on favrehopefoundation.blogspot.com. "But that has not stopped some from scrutinizing his every move and blaming him for so many things that simply are not true.

"Some incidents, like the locker room pranks appear funny [but they are still untrue] ... Others, like the questionable phone calls to other teams, are hurtful, distasteful, and ... still untrue as they have been reported.

"Because of this, lately, my heart has been so heavy. It is very hard to watch the daily toll this has taken on Brett."

In his regularly scheduled Wednesday news conference, Favre refuted reports of his consulting earlier this season with former Lions president Matt Millen about the Packers.

He acknowledged talking to Millen but said the telephone conversation concerned hunting, though Favre was sure Millen's "intentions were to fish me for information."

"I haven't been in that offense in over a year," Favre said on Wednesday of the Packers. "I don't know what else to tell you. It was pretty simple."

But two days later, Deanna Favre reacted to the reports in her first post on what normally is a blog authored by their daughter, Brittany.

"Brett is the same man that helps our youngest daughter with her homework every night," Deanna Favre wrote. "And he is the same man that guides our oldest daughter through this exciting adventure we call college.

"Brett is the same man who has always put his team first, not personal gains or statistics. And, Brett is the same man we know who is filled with great character, strength, goodness and love. Truly, nothing has changed but a uniform."

Both Favre and Jets coach Eric Mangini have said that sharing information is common in the NFL, and it isn't against league rules.

"It happens every day," Favre said. "It happens more than you know."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.