Krafts sign agreement with Israeli football league, dubbed Kraft Family IFL

BOSTON -- The Kraft family, owners of the New England Patriots, have completed a new agreement that makes them the title sponsor of the Israel Football League.

The league, which will now be called the Kraft Family IFL, is a tackle league in its second season. The league is run by American Football in Israel and based in Jerusalem at Kraft Family Stadium.

"The Kraft family involvement will ensure a banner year for both the IFL and American Football in Israel at-large, and we're excited to kick off our upcoming season with such a significant milestone," IFL Commissioner Ben Friedman said in a statement Tuesday.

Kraft viewed an IFL game during a visit to Jerusalem in March and decided to sponsor the league.

"I get a special feeling in my heart every time I hear Hatikva [Israel's national anthem] sung on a football field, and hope to help this sport grow in this country," Kraft said during his visit.

The sponsorship deal includes a new league logo with the Kraft name in the design.