Cowboys receiver says an 0-16 Lions season could impact his legacy

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams hasn't turned his back on the Detroit Lions. In fact, he's spent a fair amount of time studying their remaining schedule, saying a winless season could also affect his legacy.

"They're staring 0-16 in the face right now, just going by the schedule," he said Wednesday at Valley Ranch. "I hope it doesn't happen, because I think I'm still a part of that team, too. I started out with that team, so if they go 0-16, I've got an asterisk by my name on that team. I hope they don't go 0-16."

Williams made his comments after joking about the difference between the Cowboys' and Lions' locker rooms. After looking out to see at least 40 reporters and cameramen staking out quarterback Tony Romo's locker, Williams deadpanned, "We didn't need ladders in Detroit."

The only teams without winning records on Detroit's remaining schedule are the Saints and Packers; the Lions will finish the season against the two. Williams said he spends Sunday mornings sending encouraging text messages to his former teammates. But so far, the messages don't seem to be getting through.

"I don't see where the one [win] would come," he said. "Maybe Thanksgiving -- the undefeated team [Titans] vs. the defeated team, and they can get one."

The former University of Texas star was wearing a Texas Tech pullover because of a bet he lost with teammate Zach Thomas, a former Red Raider. Williams grew up not far from Lubbock in Odessa. He said Wednesday that Tech coach Mike Leach once promised him 100 catches a season if he'd become a Red Raider. Williams said he didn't believe him, and chose Texas.

"It looks like I would've had about 130 balls," he joked.

Matt Mosley covers the NFC East for ESPN.com.