Carolina Panthers Season Video Review

2008 Record: 12-4 1st in NFC South Standings

Week 1: Panthers vs. Chargers highlights - Panthers QB Jake Delhomme throws a last-second TD pass to defeat the Chargers.

Week 2: Bears vs. Panthers highlights - Highlights of the Panthers 20-17 victory over the Chicago Bears.

Week 3: Panthers vs. Vikings highlights - Gus Frerotte leads the Vikings to their 1st win of the season with a 20-10 win vs. the Panthers.

Week 4:
Falcons vs. Panthers highlights
- Highlights from the Falcons-Panthers game from NFL GameDay Scoreboard.

Week 5:
Chiefs vs. Panthers highlights
- The Chiefs are the first team to be shutout this season as they fall 34-0 vs. the Panthers.

Week 6: Panthers vs. Buccaneers highlights - Highlights of the Buccaneers dominating victory vs. the Carolina Panthers.

Week 7: Saints vs. Panthers highlights - The Panthers keep their stronghold on the NFC South with a 30-7 win vs. the Saints.

Week 8: Cardinals vs. Panthers highlights - Steve Smith and the Panthers overcome a 14-pt 2nd half deficit to defeat the Cardinals 27-23.

Week 10: Panthers vs. Raiders highlights - The Panthers move to 7-2 with a 17-6 win vs. the Raiders despite 4 INTs by QB Jake Delhomme.

Week 11: Lions vs. Panthers highlights - Highlights of the Panthers 32-21 victory over the Detroit Lions.

Week 12: Panthers vs Falcons highlights - Highlights from the Falcons 45 - 28 victory over the Panthers from NFL Scoreboard.

Week 13: Panthers vs. Packers highlights - The Panthers remain tied for the NFC South lead with a 35-31 win vs. the Packers.

Week 14: Buccaneers vs. Panthers highlights - The Panthers take control of the NFC South with a 38-23 win vs. the Buccaneers.

Week 15: Broncos v. Panthers highlights - Highlights of the Panthers 30-10 victory over the Broncos from NFL GameDay.

Week 16: Panthers vs. Giants highlights - Highlights of the Giants' thrilling OT win over the Panthers from NFL GameDay.

Week 17: Panthers vs. Saints highlights - The Panthers win the NFC South and a 1st round playoff bye with a win vs. the Saints.

Wild Card Weekend: Roaring to the playoffs - Highlights of the Cardinals 30-24 win vs. the Falcons from NFL GameDay.

Divisional Round: Cardinals vs. Panthers highlights - The Cardinals advance to their first NFC Championship Game in franchise history.