Photos, video show Vick at home

Michael Vick continues to be under house arrest in Hampton, Va., where 10 days after his release from a federal prison camp, photos and a 45-second video are being released showing his life under home confinement, and his father is contending that Vick is a "better man" after his time in prison.

Radar Online.com published photos and a video of his new surroundings Friday. They show Vick with his daughter London, as well as children visiting the house from The Vick Foundation, a non-profit organization for at-risk youth, according to Radar Online.com.

Vick is living in a five-bedroom home in Hampton, Va., with his fiancée, Kijafa Frink, and two daughters. He will be released from home confinement in late July. At that point, he can petition NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstatement to the NFL.

Earlier this week, Vick's father, Michael Boddie, told the Newport News Daily Press that he believes his son is a "better man" now than when he went to federal prison camp for 19 months. Vick was released earlier this month.

"You ever been locked up?" Boddie said, according to the Daily Press. "You have a lot of time to reflect. Looks like he came through it in one piece. I think he'll be a better man because of it."

Boddie said he and his son, who have been estranged, exchanged letters while Vick was in prison and they have reconciled.

"I'm glad he's home with his fiancée and his children," Boddie said. "I know he's paid the price for that [dogfighting]. Now it's time for him to move on."