O.J. memorabilia in possession of sheriff

LOS ANGELES -- The footballs, jerseys and photographs that
landed O.J. Simpson in prison have a new home at the Los Angeles
County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore says memorabilia Simpson
claimed he was trying to retrieve from a Las Vegas hotel room
arrived Friday.

The hotel confrontation led to the former football
star's conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Sheriff's officials say they're waiting to hear from Simpson
nemesis, Fred Goldman, before deciding what to do with the items.
They could be auctioned to help settle a wrongful death judgment
Goldman and others won against Simpson in 1997.

Simpson was acquitted in criminal court of the 1994 murders of
Goldman's son, Ronald, and Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson
but was found liable for their deaths in civil court.