Seahawks GM Ruskell out

The Seattle Seahawks will announce general manager Tim Ruskell's resignation at a news conference Thursday.

The team called a news conference for 1 p.m. ET.

When it finally became clear the team would not commit to him, Ruskell decided the best course would be to step down now, particularly as his status had become a distraction.

"We were getting ready to go into those meetings about free agency and the offseason," Ruskell said. "If I am not going to spearhead those meetings and it wasn't going to happen no matter what our record was, you become a lame duck. And I did not want that."

Ruskell is in the final year of a five-year contract.

The Seahawks have an 8-19 record since the beginning of last season. Ruskell's arrival before the 2005 season precipitated a run to the first and only Super Bowl in Seahawks history. The team's recent struggles were too much for him to overcome.

Team officials are expected to provide details Thursday.

Mike Sando covers the NFC West for ESPN.com.