Broncos' Bowlen wants Marshall to stay

After a tumultuous end to a promising-turned-disappointing season for the Broncos, owner Pat Bowlen and receiver Brandon Marshall fell onto the same page last week, both saying they'd like the two-time Pro Bowler back with the team next season.

"I think Brandon is going through a maturing process," Bowlen said, according to The Denver Post. "Personally, I saw change in his personality and approach to things [this season]. He didn't have the same sort of attitude and anxiety that he's had. I personally would like to see him stay. And there's still a good possibility that could happen."

Marshall, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason, would become a restricted free agent if the owners and players' union don't strike a labor agreement by March 5, giving the Broncos an upper hand should they want to sign him.

"Now, if the head coach sits down and says no, I want to trade him, or I've got a deal that's going to be beneficial to the club, I don't think I'm going to override him," Bowlen said Saturday of Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, according to the newspaper.

McDaniels benched Marshall for the regular-season finale after he was late to a scheduled therapy session for treatment of a hamstring injury the team already believed he was exaggerating.

But Marshall and the Broncos were at odds even before the season began.

Marshall didn't participate in a mandatory June minicamp and was suspended by the team for a week shortly before the season started after "detrimental" conduct during a practice in which he batted away a pass thrown to him, punted a ball instead of handing it to a ball boy and at one point walked as the rest of the team ran in a pre-practice warmup.

"Learning from last year and last offseason, I approached things unprofessional," Marshall said Thursday at the Super Bowl XLIV media center, according to The Post. "This offseason I'm just going to go with the flow and just go in whatever direction the Broncos want to go."

The Broncos started the season with six straight wins before going 2-8 and failing to gain a playoff berth.

Marshall finished with 1,120 yards on 101 receptions. In four NFL seasons, Marshall has 4,019 yards receiving with 327 catches.

In a Week 14 loss, Marshall set a single-game NFL record with 21 catches against the Colts.

"Last year I handled things totally wrong," Marshall said last week. "I just looked at the business side of things and took things too personally. This year I'm going to remove myself from the situation and let the Broncos decide the direction we're going to go in as an organization."