Donovan McNabb talks to resume

Donovan McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, is flying from Chicago to Washington not just to attend Monday night's Washington Redskins-Philadelphia Eagles game, but also to continue ongoing contract talks for his client.

Smith and the Redskins will meet Monday in what will be their fourth face-to-face meeting in trying to procure an extension for McNabb, who will turn 34 later this month, sources said. The two sides previously met in Philadelphia before the Redskins played the Eagles last month, and twice in Chicago.

The two sides are further discussing a four-year extension.

Neither side is sure whether a deal will be consummated Monday, but one person in the McNabb camp said: "I'm not opposed to getting something done soon. I'd love to get something done soon."

Smith did not plan his trip from Chicago with the sole intent of trying to finalize a long-term deal. He was invited to Monday night's game and planned to go. But being that he is in Washington, it created an opportunity to see if he and the Redskins can further their talks and hammer out a deal.

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.