Caldwell: Colts intend on normal routine

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indianapolis Colts intend to be as normal as possible this week, which means a game plan for the Saints will be developed Tuesday and they will be installed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If the Super Bowl was played Sunday, they'd be ready.

Then next week in Miami, they'll have time to tinker, tighten, polish and review.

"We're going to go into it and try to get our guys prepared as quickly as we can," Jim Caldwell said. "That's our intent. We're going to prepare this week exactly like we would be playing them on Sunday."

It's an approach that worked for them four years ago when Caldwell was a Tony Dungy assistant.

"No reason to hold back now, you've got three days to look at them, study them while you're at home," center Jeff Saturday said. "Everything else you'll be doing is at a hotel or in other rooms. So it's good to get a jump that way."

"Try to make it as business as usual as possible," guard Ryan Lilja said. "It's such a not normal thing to go down there, and you've got two weeks and all the hype and all the media surrounding it. You just want to keep it as normal as possible."

The Colts will have an informational meeting Tuesday at which they'll learn about logistics for their families, tickets for the game and travel schedules.

Then they'll head into a normal work week Wednesday. They won't depart for Miami until Monday afternoon.

The Saints are scheduled to be off Tuesday and Wednesday before practicing Thursday through Saturday.

The Colts will stay at the same hotel where they stayed four years ago for Super Bowl XLI in which they beat the Chicago Bears.

Indianapolis will practice at the Dolphins facility, just as they did then, too.

Caldwell counts 25 players who remain from then, and is counting on them to be resources and advisors for the rest.

There will be no bye week mentality, Saturday said.

"They're not off weeks, they're not bye weeks," he said. "They're preparation weeks for whatever is coming up next. From [Jim Caldwell's] standpoint, not only will it get us clued into what they're doing, it will also keep our legs fresh and keep us ready for the big day."

Paul Kuharsky covers the AFC South for ESPN.com.