Report: Janet won't take part in tribute

LOS ANGELES -- On the heels of Janet Jackson's stunning breast-baring incident on Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show, Jackson reportedly will not appear on the CBS Grammys telecast.

"Entertainment Tonight" is reporting Jackson won't be
participating in a tribute to Luther Vandross on Sunday night.

She was previously scheduled to be a part of the
Grammy Awards tribute. No reason was available for her departure.

Jackson, CBS, MTV, the NFL and Justin Timberlake have all apologized for the Super Bowl's too-revealing halftime show. CBS said Tuesday it would institute a video delay system to avoid any recurrence at Sunday's Grammy Awards.

At the end of their duet Sunday, Timberlake snatched off part of Jackson's bustier on stage, revealing a breast clad only in a sun-shaped "nipple shield" to some 89 million viewers. Jackson's spokeswoman, Jennifer Holiner, said a red lace garment was supposed to remain when Timberlake tore off the outer covering.

However, questions remain about the intent of both parties involved.

Jackson has issued videotaped and written apologies and
denied anyone involved in the show knew of her plans to do --
what's being called -- a "costume reveal."

Timberlake, who is nominated for five Grammys, is still scheduled to perform on Sunday's telecast.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.