TO: 'God has already cleared me'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- ESPN.com was live for the Philadelphia Eagles' Media Day session Tuesday and got the inside scoop on all that was seen and heard at ALLTEL Stadium.

Terrell Owens' status for Sunday's game may still be in question -- unless you ask him -- but he slid seamlessly into the role of Media Day darling. Among the other highlights were Freddie Mitchell's whereabouts, celebrity interviewers, mom's meatloaf, Hank Fraley's cute nickname and, of course, the worst question of the day.

Check out the full transcript from the Eagles' hour in the Media Day glare (all times are ET):

Buzzmaster: (10:02 a.m.) Helloooooooo from Jacksonville! I'm here at ALLTEL Stadium for Media Day! It's just the Buzz and about a gazillion other notepad-carrying media types patrolling the field, hoping some player says something worth writing down. We have several reporters on the scene gathering info and yours truly will be on the lookout for A) media types making a fool of themselves; B) players making a fool of themselves; and C) Free food. So we're gonna give it 110 percent, leave nothing on the field, play it one question at a time, no I in TEAM, blah blah ... let's get this thing started!

Buzzmaster: (10:03 a.m.) TO is eating this up already ... ''Can I get a round of applause?''

Buzzmaster: (10:04 a.m.) TO: ''I WILL play on Sunday.''

JB (Shreveport, La.): What do the poor schlups do who are not asked any questions? Can they leave?

Buzzmaster: (10:05 a.m.) Nope. The clock is running. Everyone has to stay for the whole hour.

Dan (Boston): God won't be able to save TO from a Rodney Harrison ankle tackle.

Buzzmaster: (10:07 a.m.) TO: ''The pain is minimal. God has already cleared me. I have the best doctor of all, and he cleared me.''

Nick (St. Johns, Jamaica, NY): Who has more people around him -- TO or Freddie Mitchell?

Buzzmaster: (10:09 a.m.) TO ... but the media folks are still filing in. It's a bit crazy at the moment.

Buzzmaster: (10:10 a.m.) TO: ''I'm going to be very effective.''

Jay (NY): Isn't TO's doctor the same one who screwed up Grant Hill's ankle? I think we all see where this is going.

ESPN.com's Darren Rovell: (10:11 a.m.) This is quite a scene. Several players are working as members of the media ... Irving Fryar, Erik Kramer and William ''The Refrigerator'' Perry. "Fridge" is wearing a cowboy hat and interviewing Jevon Kearse!

Tom (NY): Here is the portion of the day where we pray to whatever deity we worship that at least three players refer to themselves in the third person, two players get their Irish up and start talking smack about someone on the other team, and Freddie Mitchell struts around Ric Flair style.

Buzzmaster: (10:12 a.m.) We're hoping it happens now because it probably won't happen when the Patriots session starts.

Buzzmaster: (10:13 a.m.) TO: ''If you believe in miracles, wait until Sunday.''

Buzzmaster: (10:15 a.m.) ESPN.com's James Black is also on the scene on the other side of the stadium. How's it going, James?

ESPN.com's James Black: (10:15 a.m.) Wow, took forever to get in here! They have three podiums with Brian Dawkins, Jeremiah Trotter and Michael Lewis ... but nobody is talking to them because everyone is still around TO.

Scott (Mass): God Bless Media Day. A comedy of errors by both players and not-so-intelligent journalists. Let's hope Freddie Mitchell doesn't look smart among this crowd.

Buzzmaster: (10:16 a.m.) Intelligent?

Buzzmaster: (10:17 a.m.) Our own Darren Rovell just caught up with Lito Sheppard and found out what other sport he could play.

Lito Sheppard: (10:18 a.m.) I enjoy being at the Super Bowl, but my original dream was to be an NBA player. I played point guard and shooting guard, and I still have some skillz!

Buzzmaster: (10:20 a.m.) Thanks, Darren! Folks, we still can't find Freddie Mitchell! Nowhere to be found! We're on the case!

ESPN.com's Darren Rovell: (10:21 a.m.) Freddie is not listed on the scoreboard! I'm trying to figure out where he could be. This is a mystery!

Eric (Greensboro, N.C.): Buzz, try looking on the bench. That's where he usually can be found.

Buzzmaster: (10:22 a.m.) Thanks for the tip!

Mark (Warsaw): Probably plotting a dramatic entrance.

Buzzmaster: (10:23 a.m.) ESPN.com's Keith Jackson is also on the scene. What's going on, Keith?

ESPN.com's Keith Jackson: (10:23 a.m.) William "The Refrigerator" Perry is here for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and is on his cell in front of Donovan McNabb's podium, where McNabb is taking questions from Michael Strahan about his favorite variety of Campbell's soup. This is a typical Media Day moment.

ESPN.com's James Black: (10:24 a.m.) I found Freddie Mitchell! He is in the stands about as far away from the podiums as one can get. He's right next to the NFL Network set, and he has a big media gathering of 25-30 people. So far he's very low-key. He has on a do-rag with a cap, so you can't see if he has the Mohawk 'do or not.

Clive (KC): Where's Donovan at right now?

Buzzmaster: (10:25 a.m.) He's on the podium but not saying too much of interest at the moment. He's live on ESPNEWS right now.

Buzzmaster: (10:27 a.m.) McNabb: ''It's freezing, my nose is running, but I'm having a good time.''

Dwayne (Tulsa): Are the Eagle cheerbabes there?

Buzzmaster: (10:29 a.m.) Sadly, no.

SportsNation Reporter: (10:30 a.m.) If you win, will you carry Andy Reid off the field?

Jeremiah Trotter: (10:30 a.m.) Did they carry Bill Belichick off last year? ; )

Brian Dawkins: (10:31 a.m.) We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

SportsNation Reporter: (10:31 a.m.) Corey, what do you think of having a team nutritionist?

Corey Simon: (10:32 a.m.) Do I look like I work with a nutritionist? You'll have to ask Donovan.

Brian C (Tucson, AZ): Any sign of Donovan's mom running around with a giant bowl of chunky soup? Is she still slated to lead the team through the tunnel and onto the field?

ESPN.com's Darren Rovell: (10:34 a.m.) No sign of her yet.

Clint (Indianapolis): Anybody around Jeff Thomason?

Buzzmaster: (10:36 a.m.) We're on the lookout for him. He's pretty low-key!

Les (Toronto): Look for Thomason with a hard hat and lunch box!

SportsNation Reporter: (10:39 a.m.) For Matt Ware, what is your favorite halftime performance?

Matt Ware: (10:40 a.m.) Last year. Because I got to see a small part of Janet Jackson.

Matt Ware: (10:41 a.m.) Man, I've heard it all, from talking to a hand puppet to a Mexican radio station asking me about sex. What did I say? I like it!

ESPN.com's James Black: (10:42 a.m.) Jeff Thomason has been found, and he even has his own podium! So Thomason is pulled off a construction site and gets a podium, and Freddie Mitchell doesn't! That was probably by design. Anyway, Thomason's podium is next to Jevon Kearse's, and he's talking to a handful of reporters at the moment. We'll see what he has to say.

David (Hollywood): Buzz: Can we send you questions to hand off to ESPN staff to be asked?

Buzzmaster: (10:43 a.m.) This is The Show! You can do whatever you want! Almost.

Les (Toronto): Hey Buzz, is anyone going to discuss actual game planning and tactics or is it all a meaningless show at this thing?

Buzzmaster: (10:47 a.m.) Not much tactic talk around here. This has become more a ''fun'' exercise.

Patrick (Akron): Watching on ESPNEWS, Trotter is on now, and as he speaks he sniff. Is it really that cold down there?

Buzzmaster: (10:47 a.m.) It's pretty darn chilly ... and overcast. Trotter is a pretty funny guy!

Jeremiah Trotter: (10:48 a.m.) I'm pretty famous, but I really want to have a street named after me. I really need a Jeremiah Trotter Lane or something.

Matt (Tampa): Everybody should think of Media Day as the comic-relief part of the Super Bowl celebration!

Russ (Philly): You should try and get Trot and Ike Reese together. They have a show on Philly radio, and they are a great combo.

Jerome (Hattiesburg): Which is the best/funniest Eagles personality?

Buzzmaster: (10:50 a.m.) They are full of them. Trotter, Ware, TO ... you can definitely sense the fun this team is having through this whole process.

Buzzmaster: (10:52 a.m.) The throng around TO is still intense. He's now being interviewed by Michael Strahan.

Scott (Ashland): Has TO mentioned anything about his status on Super Sunday?

Buzzmaster: (10:53 a.m.) OK, for everyone tuning in late, TO made it very clear at 10:01 a.m. that he WILL be playing on Sunday. He got clearance from God.

SportsNation Reporter: (10:54 a.m.) Jeremiah, are you going to be able to relax this week?

Jeremiah Trotter: (10:55 a.m.) I'm going to try to get out and play golf over at the TPC at Sawgrass.

SportsNation Reporter: (10:56 a.m.) How will you do at the 17th hole island green?

Jeremiah Trotter: (10:56 a.m.) I'll play it the way my teammate Ike Reese would -- pick the ball up and throw it on the green.

ESPN.com's James Black: (10:58 a.m.) Someone was just interviewing Donovan McNabb and asked about the offenive line. McNabb was talking about Hank Fraley and let everyone know his nickname is Honeybun. Now that's some good info!

ESPN.com's Keith Jackson: (10:59 a.m.) A reporter with the Kansas City Star is asking every Eagles player if they can guarantee that their mom's meatloaf is better than Rodney Harrison's mom's meatloaf, and absolutely no one is taking the bait. Corey Simon just smiled at him and said, "That is officially the worst question of the day."

Buzzmaster: (11:03 a.m.) Well, that's it for the Eagles Media Day. When they say 60 minutes, they don't mean 61.