Receiver officially listed as questionable

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Terrell Owens has seemingly put to
rest questions about whether he'll play in the Super Bowl. Now,
everyone wants to know how much.

Will he take a major role in the Philadelphia Eagles' offense?
Will he be limited to a few plays, nothing more than a decoy to
draw attention away from the other receivers?

No one -- not even the ultra-confident Owens -- can predict what
will happen on Sunday.

"I'm not sure, but I'll be ready," he said Wednesday. "Like I
said, I am going to be in the game plan, and it is going to be a
game-time decision. I'm probably going to go with the flow of the

Owens has said repeatedly that he will play against the New
England Patriots, even though he still has two screws and a plate
in his right leg. The All-Pro receiver suffered a severely sprained
ankle and a fractured fibula in a Dec. 19 victory over Dallas.

After missing the last two games of the regular season and
playoff victories over Minnesota and Atlanta, Owens has made a
stunning recovery that he credits partly to his strong religious
faith, partly to the hard work of the Eagles' training staff.

Owens practiced again Wednesday and was listed as questionable
on the first injury report of Super Bowl week. That means there's a
50 percent chance he'll play.

"T.O. got some work. He did good with it," coach Andy Reid
said after the workout. "We gave him a little more work than we
gave him the last couple of days, and we'll give him more
(Thursday). He's making progress. We'll see."

Owens believes he can play most of the game, though conditioning
is a potential hindrance. Because of the injury, he hasn't been
able to maintain his normal workout routine.

"I am healthy enough," Owens said. "Whether my condition is
up to par, that is a different story. But I think the adrenaline
and atmosphere of the game will get me through it."

He compared the lingering pain to a routine ankle sprain.

"Every day it is going to be a little sore," he said. "The
next day, after I go to bed and get up, I am feeling better. It is
not really a setback. That is an encouraging sign that I am getting

Owens has already envisioned what it will be like to run through
the tunnel for his first Super Bowl.

"I'm looking forward to that moment," he said. "I visualize
myself coming out of that tunnel. I think the fans of Philadelphia
are waiting for me to come out of that tunnel. They don't have to
wait any longer. They need to know I am coming out of that tunnel
one way or another."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.