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Chicago Bears Cover 2

Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith comes from the Tony Dungy school of defense, and that means employing a patient Cover 2 approach most of the time. The basic concept of the Cover 2 is to rush four and drop seven into zone coverage with very little blitzing. However, the Bears actually play a lot more man-to-man on the outside and underneath than other Cover 2 teams. With three solid cover corners who match up well, they rarely get caught in a mismatch.

Our experts from Scouts Inc. have gone inside their playbook to break down the Cover 2 defense.

Explaining the Cover 2: Here are the basic responsibilities of the Cover 2 defense, with four defensive linemen rushing the passer and three linebackers and four defensive backs dropping into zone coverage.

Beating the Cover 2: The Cover 2 is vulnerable on the intermediate perimeter, behind the corners and in front of the safeties, and in the deep middle, between the safeties.

Bears' versatility in the Cover 2: Chicago is unique in that it can play man-to-man out of its Cover 2 against three-receiver sets.

Bears Cover 2 Chicago Bears Cover 2

Colts Multi-Receiver Packages

With Brandon Stokley and Ricky Proehl out with injuries, the Colts lack a true No. 3 receiver, and often use tight end Dallas Clark as a slot receiver in their three-receiver packages. He is very athletic and presents a tough matchup for a safety or linebacker. In fact, their favorite offensive set right now is probably two wide receivers, two tight ends and one running back. From this, they can add a third wide receiver in place of a tight end and present an even more dangerous passing threat.

Our experts from Scouts Inc. have gone inside their playbook to break down the how the Colts use thier multi-receiver sets.

Dallas Clark vs. outside linebacker: Against a base defense, Clark will line up as a slot receiver and would be covered by a linebacker.

Dallas Clark vs. safety: The defense could decide to cover Clark with a safety to avoid a mismatch, but this compromises the deep coverage by leaving a single safety.

Reggie Wayne in the slot: For an added passing threat, the Colts often use three wide receivers, one tight end and one running back.

Multi-Receiver Packages Colts Multi-Receiver Packages