Kayvon Webster faces thumb surgery

DENVER -- A tough night on the field Thursday for Denver Broncos cornerback Kayvon Webster didn't get any better after it was over.

Webster suffered a right thumb injury in the Broncos' 27-20 loss and will have surgery Friday to repair it. Webster played with the thumb wrapped beneath the glove he was wearing but had one of the Broncos' trainers look at the thumb several times during the game.

Webster said he thought he would "be all right, I'll get back in there.''

The rookie cornerback is expected to miss the game in Houston against the Texans a week from Sunday but could be back for the regular-season finale against the Oakland Raiders. He would wear a cast on the hand should he play against the Raiders and in the postseason as expected.

It was a difficult night overall for Webster. He was repeatedly targeted by Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and has been increasingly in the crosshairs overall in recent weeks.

"I've got to work on my technique, continue to get better, keep coming to work to get better,'' Webster said. " … If they feel like that's where they want to go, I've got to put myself in a position to make the best play. I want them to keep coming after me; that's just making me better week in and week out.''

Webster also was caught on the field in the third quarter when the Broncos were assessed, after a replay challenge by Chargers coach Mike McCoy, a 12-men-on-the-field penalty.

"I was trying to go substitute for Quentin Jammer and got caught on the field,'' Webster said. "I've got to learn from my mistakes.''