'Dummy' visor serves as reminder

BEREA, Ohio -- The visor hangs in the office of Cleveland Browns quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains, and he can hardly wait to get rid of it. Written on the visor are the words: "I'm a dummy."

Loggains had to wear the modern-day dunce cap for a day during the team's spring work.

"I'm waiting for someone else to say something so I can pass it along to the next guy," Loggains said Tuesday.

Loggains' comments on the hat came during his first media appearance since he set the Internet afire by revealing on an Arkansas radio station the inner workings of the Browns on draft night. Loggains, a former Razorbacks quarterback, told the station that as teams kept bypassing Johnny Manziel in the first round, the quarterback texted him and told Loggains to have the Browns pick him so they could "wreck this league" together.

Loggains said he forwarded the text to coach Mike Pettine and owner Jimmy Haslam, and the Browns immediately drafted Johnny Football.

The story did not exactly jibe with the narrative the Browns provided that Haslam was not in the least involved in the draft, and it provided details about the choice the team did not exactly want broadcast.

Needless to say, the interview did not go over well with the team. Thus the visor.

"He paid his penance for that," Pettine said.

Not only did he make Loggains wear the visor; he had a photo taken of Loggains and shown at a team meeting.

"He learned a valuable lesson," Pettine said. "If it's comfortable and it's back home and it's a small radio station and not that many listeners, not too many things are sacred nowadays. Everything's going to get out."

Loggains talked to the media about the team's quarterback competition and said he wouldn't comment on who was ahead. As his interview wound down, a lightning warning screeched.

As he walked away, Loggains was asked if the hullabaloo about the interview caught him by surprise.

He shook his head, raised his palms, shrugged and said: "I got to go."