Win the $900 million Powerball? Here's the best NFL stuff you could buy

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You might have heard: The Powerball is up to a record $900 million. Naturally, that got us thinking about all the things $800 million could buy in NFL circles. Here's a quick rundown:

Pick a team, any ("cheap") team -- and then raise some money. According to Forbes' most recent valuation of NFL franchises, the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals are worth $1.56 and 1.54 billion, respectively. That means $800 million could buy you a little more than half of two of the best teams in football this season. The Tennessee Titans' ownership is a bit of a mess at the moment, so you could buy low on an up-and-coming franchise, provided you can raise the remaining $690 million. (Here's a hint: Start knocking on doors in Hawaii.)

Some really good quarterbacks. The collective contracts of the top 13 QBs this season (according to Total QBR) are worth nearly $750 million.

Everyone gets a Rolls-Royce. Remember when Steelers WR Antonio Brown rolled into training camp with the customized Rolls-Royce below? That puppy comes with a price tag of $500,000. You could afford to give one to all 1,472 players on the active roster in Week 17 (46 players per team) -- and still have $64 million left over.

Tickets -- and more tickets. ESPN's most recent franchise rankings pegged the Cowboys as the priciest ticket in the NFL ($164 on average). Even if Jerry Jones decides to jack up those prices 10 percent every year over the next five seasons, you could spend exactly $704,870,425.60 buying up every seat in the joint. That'd leave you a little spare change to deal with the outrageous parking costs at AT&T Stadium (currently $75 per car).

Part of those shiny (proposed) stadiums in L.A. As part of their proposal to move to Los Angeles, the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders attached a $1.75 billion price tag to a joint stadium venture in Carson, California. Meanwhile, the St. Louis Rams have a plan for their own $1.86 billion stadium in Inglewood. So regardless of which proposal gets accepted by the league, $800 million could buy you a large chunk of some very valuable Southern California real estate.