Ramon Foster scoffs at Darian Stewart's threat to Cody Wallace

PITTSBURGH -- At least one Pittsburgh Steelers player considers a Denver Broncos player's threat to Cody Wallace unnecessary.

Broncos safety Darian Stewart said he'll be "cutting" Wallace, the Steelers center who was fined $23,152 last month for lunging into Denver's David Bruton after the whistle -- if Wallace comes his way on the field.

The Broncos and Steelers face off in the AFC divisional round Sunday.

"They are sending shots or warnings. I don't understand that," Steelers guard Ramon Foster said. "For a guy to be in that position and publicly put that out there, that's just unnecessary."

When asked how the comment made him feel, Foster said, "I laughed."

With 1 minute, 49 seconds left in the first quarter of the Steelers' 34-27 victory on Dec. 20, Antonio Brown was being tackled after a reception when Broncos defensive end Malik Jackson hit Brown from the side. Wallace took exception to the hit and lunged into the play.

Bruton criticized the hit days later, and this week Stewart said he's eyeing payback for his teammate.

"It's not going to be anything as far as cheap or anything," Stewart said, according to the Denver Post. "We're going to get him between the lines, between the whistles. He's going to be sore after the game, that's how I see it. He comes out on a screen, he better not come at [me]. I'm cutting him. That's where I'm at with it. You got me mad right now just thinking about it."

As for Wallace, he just kind of shrugged at the comments. He reiterated he was in the wrong for his hit.

"That happens a lot anyway, that's fine, that's how the game is played," Wallace said about the "cutting" comments. "Those guys [safeties] are a lot smaller than us. I don't blame them for trying to cut us."