Panthers' Roman Harper: 'You don't let people celebrate on you'

Feel like celebrating a first down? Want to show some emotion to fire up your team? Not against the Carolina Panthers, and specifically not if you're being defended by veteran safety Roman Harper.

Harper has used a myriad of ways -- hovering over a player, getting in a player's face, jawing with a player -- throughout his 10-year career to keep opposing receivers from celebrating after moving the sticks.

"It's just the fact that you don't let people celebrate on you," Harper told the Charlotte Observer on Thursday. "You don't let people show you up and continue to build confidence like that. It's good for them to make a big play but you're not going to let them showboat.

"I don't know what I say. I don't know. Sometimes they don't even celebrate and I'm still over there. It's bad. It's a bad habit that I have."

The Panthers host the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday for the right to advance to Super Bowl 50.

While opposing receivers are often thrown off by the tactic, Harper's teammates are on board.

"I absolutely love it," teammate Tre Boston told the Observer. "When he first incorporated that, I was like right on. It'll never happen again."

And what of the Panthers' own proclivity to celebrate this season?

"I might go into somebody else's home and go to their fridge and open up the OJ, but I'm not going to let anybody come in my home and do that," Boston said. "We don't allow it here."